# Informed Investors are More Disciplined Investors

The reason we think it's worthwhile for you to learn a little bit about risk-management is that informed investors are more disciplined investors.

The nature of financial markets is such that their is always an investment that looks much better in hindsight. This makes sticking to a diversified risk-managed portfolio strategy difficult. Over the short-run, being fully in the market, or fully out of the market is surely better. The benefits of risk-management only accrue over the long run.

Learning a little bit about risk-management and its trade-offs will help you deal with short-run regrets, and thrive in the long run.

# What we cover

  1. Risk-management Basics: Measures of risk and reward, and why crypto is special.
  2. Why Volatility Control Does Not Work for Crypto
  3. Drawdown Control: Our preferred risk-management and why it works.
  4. Other Tools: Other risk-management approaches we pay attention to.
  5. Performance Comparisons: The pros and cons of different approaches in historical data.
  6. Market Scenarios: How risk-management behaves over short-run market scenarios.

We think it's better if you read through those in order, but if you are really pressed for time, we recommend you start with 1 , 5 and 6.