# Team

# Alex Casassovici

Alex is an accomplished entrepreneur and tech visionary. Alex has been investing in Crypto since 2014 and building since 2016. His entrepreneurial journey includes four successful exits and raising over $10 million in funding. His latest venture, Azarus, the leaer in StreamFi, was acquired by Animoca Brands.

Alex is also a seasoned public speaker, with over 30 keynote addresses in technology sectors including blockchain, gaming, and advertising.

# Sylvain Chassang

Sylvain is a Professor of Economics at Princeton University, an expert in robust model design, and robust risk-management. He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society, a recipient of the Sloan Fellowship, and a former co-editor of the American Economic Review, the leading academic journal in Economics.

Sylvain's introduction to crypto occured during a stint in TradFi in 2016-2018. First-hand experience of the costs and inefficiencies of TradFi fund-management persuaded him that Blockchain-based solutions could radically improve the industry.